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Hydrangeas! When do I prune them, why didn't they flower?

Hydrangeas can be divided into two categories. Those that bloom on current year's growth, and those that bloom on old wood, (last year's growth).

The Hydrangeas that bloom on old wood are from the macrophylla family. These include Nikko Blue, Endless Summer and many other pinks and blues. When I say they bloom on old wood I mean that they are busy right now setting flower buds for next summer. So next year when they take off growing in the spring, the flower shoots will actually emerge from the older wood, the wood that was produced this year.

The hydrangeas that bloom on new wood are typically the white hydrangeas like Annabelle and Paniculata Grandiflora (PG). They put on new growth in the spring and then later in the summer the flower buds are actually produced right at the end of that new growth. That's why the Annabelle and PG are such prolific bloomers. They set flower buds and almost immediately those buds produce big, beautiful, abundant flowers. Almost nothing can go wrong with their blooming sequence.

But with the Blue and Pink Hydrangeas (macrophyllas) all kinds of things can go wrong with the flower buds. Since the flower buds are produced in August and September they have to make it through the harsh winter before they can bloom. The flower buds can be damaged by extreme cold.

Pruning? You should prune macrophylla hydranges right after they bloom, before they have a chance to start making new flower buds. Annabelle and PG hydrangea and other hydrangeas that flower on new wood can be pruned during the late fall, winter or early spring. Once they start growing in the spring do not do any pruning until after they bloom.

One of the most popular new varieties on the market is "Endless Summer Hydrangea" and it is known to bloom more than once in a season. It's in the macrophylla family and sets flower buds on old wood, but it is also known to set more buds and produce flowers during the growing season. It should still be treated as a hydrangea that blooms on old wood.

So... with all of that said, if your hydrangea did not bloom then the flower buds might have gotten pruned off, or more likely the flower buds were damaged over the winter.

Hydrangeas like more water than most plants, and at least a smidgen of shade helps them stay healthy and happy.

I hope this helps you understand the world of Hydrangeas.

Take care, enjoy the summer, and stay inspired! -Mike McGroarty

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Sawyer's Creek Board of Directors Open Meeting

Wednesday, 21 April 2010, 7pm
Wesleyan Church, 508 Woodbury-Turnersville Road

All residents are strongly encouraged to attend!!

Items to be discussed on the agenda, but not limited to:

If you have any questions, please contact our Community Manager, Ann Driscoll at (856) 802-1055, ext. 104.

Community Wide Yard Sale

Saturday, May 1 and Sunday, May 2, 2010, 8am-2pm
Sorry, no rain date scheduled.

Sell your wares on one day or both days! Just display your items right in your driveway or on your lawn. Directional signs will be posted by the Sawyer’s Creek Homeowners Association (SCHA). An Ad for the sale will be placed by SCHA in the Camden Courier Post and the Gloucester County Times newspapers. All the hard work is done for you! There is no charge or registration needed for members of the SCHA.

The usual tips on running a successful yard sale are available.

James Sturniolo joins the Honor Roll

For having worked for and earned straight A's at Whitman Elementary School and having made the Principal's List for the first quarter in December 2009, James Sturniolo has been added to the Sawyer's Creek Honor Roll. James continues the Sawyer's Creek tradition of excellence and now sets the standard to which our other students should aspire. James, please keep us updated on your continued good work! [Breaking news: He's done it again! James has earned straight A's and made the Principal's List for this term also!]

Sawyer's Creek after the snow storm

The Northeast got hit by a large snowstorm Saturday, 19 December 2009. At Sawyer's Creek the snow started at midnight and went continuously until the next morning.

Here are photos from Sunday, 20 December 2009. Click on each thumbnail to see the larger photo, then click on your browser's BACK button to get back here.

Washington Township Police Department Crime Brief

Hello Town Watch members and concerned citizens,

Thanks to everyone who participated in Operation Medicine Cabinet on November 14. Our township had collected the most prescription drugs (expired or overage) in Gloucester County. These drugs will be destroyed and will not end up in the wrong hands nor pollute our water or environment. More importantly, there is some criminal activity information I want to disseminate to the community so please forward this information.

First, there has been several bottle bombs incidents that have been reported with the last few months. These homemade bombs are made usually with a plastic soda bottle with common household chemicals. When combined in the bottles, it creates a gas which eventually explodes causing injury or damage. If you happen to encounter this bomb type, please consider it to be dangerous so keep a safe distance and call police. If anyone has any information or leads to who is responsible for the bottle bombs please contact me and it can be anonymous. Please advise your children as well of these occurrences.

Secondly, solicitors have increased in the area from construction projects to raking leaves. A few of these solicitors have been recently arrested for committing daytime burglaries to single family homes. Please notify police for any suspicious solicitors immediately. These solicitors are required to register with the township and have a permit in their possession.

Lastly, the holidays have arrived. I am providing you with Holiday safety Tips that were compiled by the Washington Township Community Response Unit, to contribute to the safety and security of people during the holiday season. The holiday season is always a special time of year. It is also a time when busy people become careless and vulnerable to theft and other holiday crime. We can never be too careful, too prepared or too aware. Please share this information with family, friends and neighbors.

[Holiday tips continued in Holiday Safety Tips]

Horseshoe Garden and Basin Edging Complete


Horseshoe Garden and the Huckleberry basin edging are complete. Look for all the beautiful blooms this Spring, Summer and Fall!

Weather at Sawyer's Creek


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