Candlelight Dance Club Showcase
27 February 1999

Updated 2001.05.11

The Candelight Dance Club of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, had a Showcase on Saturday, 27 February 1999. The event took place at the Holiday Inn Boardwalk at Atlantic City, NJ.

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Terri and me, practicing

Terri and me, doing a samba

Sue and Dave, probably doing a swing

Before the Showcase competitions, and between events, there's general dancing, for fun and/or practice.

Denise and Dave

Denise and Dave

Denise and Dave

The Showcase started with individual routines, from the Newcomer category and ending with the Gold category. Dave and his instructor Denise had an encore presentation of a Society Tempo Foxtrot routine from a few years ago.
(One! Singular sensation, every little step she takes...)

The first Freestyles were in the Smooth category.

Terri and me, in Associate Bronze Foxtrot, with Jan and Tony

Terri and me, in Associate Bronze Single Swing

Terri and I competed together in Associate Bronze Foxtrot and Single Swing.
  • We had actually put our efforts into Foxtrot, learning a few advanced steps sure to be crowd pleasers. At one point I led Terri from a twinkle into a shadow grapevine, as we had practiced for weeks...but when we were about to get out of it we came up against Tony and Jan. Collision alert! (A hushed gasp from the spectators...)

    So instead of getting out the normal way (and consequently colliding with the Fuscos), we did a check, backed out the other way, we somehow got into a SWING sequence, I put myself into an inside turn and wound up in Terri's arms. We did a walkaround, then I turned out away from Terri then led her back into a rear rock step, then side together...and we're back into Foxtrot, to the excited applause from the Candlelight crowd!

    Terri and I scored a 90 and rated First Place.

  • For Single Swing we scored a 93, but only got Second Place - competition in Swing is fierce!

Terri and her mother

Terri, Eileen and me

Terri warming up her Rumba

Terri's having a good time today!

There's a break between Freestyle Smooth and Freestyle Latin events, enough time to warm up, change outfits, or just take a break.

Terri doing a cambio in Tango, with John, her instructor

Terri and John doing Tango

Terri and John

Terri also competed in Freestyle Latin, in Associate Bronze Tango and Rumba, with John, her instructor. She ranked First Place in both!

After dinner, more dancing, of course. :-)