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Candlelight Halloween Party 2005

Candlelight Dance Club had its Halloween party on Friday, 28 October 2005. Terri had so much work during the week, plus was preparing for all the visitors for her mom's birthday today that she couldn't make it to the party. At least I'll get to see her tomorrow - we're going to the wedding of Sara Casilli and Chris Heavens.

Michele, however, did make it to the party. She had undergone surgery just a few days after the September showcase (two disks fused in her neck) and had been in a neck brace for 4 weeks. But she was able to take the brace off just two weeks ago and was able to take 2 private lessons with John. Michele's the one dressed as a hippie chick. She was toying with the idea of coming dressed in a nurse costume, the hippie chick was the fallback costume. I've been sending her "subliminal suggestions" through Email this past week favoring the nurse costume, to no avail. (But not the modern nurse "uniform" of polyester pants and loud shirt, yuck, I want the old-fashioned white uniform, white tights, and in this case, 3-inch ballroom heels. Mmmmmmm. But I digress.)

Maureen and Fran have been taking ballet lessons together. When they had said they were coming to the party in the same costume, I guessed they would come as ballerinas - I was right!

Steve's the one in the orange prison jumpsuit. He came as Rabbi Neulander, the one who killed his wife so he could be with a radio personality. The name sounded familiar, but Steve had to remind me of that famous case. He took third place in the costume contest!

Stacey became Marilyn Monroe for the contest - that's her singing "Happy Birthday Mister President". She told me later that she forgot to do her wiggle - hey, there's always next year.

I took these pictures with my digital camera (Fujifilm FinePix S7000). The lighting was so dim that the electronic viewfinder was almost useless. Still managed to get some OK shots. Shutter speed was 1/13 sec.; aperture was as wide as possible, around f3.1, and equivalent "film speed" was set to ISO 400. I used the flash. Some of the photos were processed through the One-Step Photo Fix function of Paint Shop Pro 8.

I came as an army grunt: camo pants, green T-shirt. I had to salute Jeff! [grin]

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