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Visit to Winterthur

I visited Winterthur today, arriving 1010 and leaving 1345. It's much bigger than I thought, would take a full day (or at least a full day during visiting hours) just to see and fully appreciate the whole garden and the museum under the "garden and galleries" basic admission. The special tours - for future visits.

Walking through the garden was very peaceful and relaxing for the soul. The only bothersome point were all the fruit flies that kept following me around - they don't bite, but they can get into your eyes, ears, nose, etc., and are annoying. Next time I go, I'll take bug repellent lotion.

The museum section is impressive and educational, and is included with basic admission. There's a 15-minute orientation film there, outlining the history of Winterthur. Note that the museum is separate from the visitor center, about a 3-5 minute walk away.

Compared to Longwood Gardens, Winterthur's museum and tours through the mansion are far more impressive than what's at Longwood Gardens. However, the horticultural variety is better at Longwood Gardens. Walking through the Winterthur garden often feels like a dayhike (and in fact I learned that I miss dayhiking); walking through Longwood Gardens feels more like a tour.

Click on the thumbnails to see the larger photos, then your browser's BACK button to return here. The picture files are 31-155 KB large. (The originals are 437-1700 KB!)

Here's the view just leaving the Visitor Center - up and to the left leads to the Azalea Woods, the route I took. (A bigger version of the map is available but be warned, it's 1,568KB large.)

In and around Azalea Woods. It smelled great!

Outer edge of Azalea Woods, facing Chandler Farm, I think. If you know how to use a hiker's compass, I'd highly recommend it. Next time I visit, I'll bring one.

Approaching Magnolia Bend...

Winterhazel Walk - all grassy walkways. As I was stooping low to take the picture of the bench I heard scuttling noises - startled, I jumped back. Turns out there were two squirrels (yay!) equally startled. They ran up the tree and started barking out intruder warnings. Guess they're not that used to humans.

The Latimeria Gates and Pinetum...

Sundial Garden. The sundial read about 1030. The actual time was 1129, Eastern Daylight Time. I guess the Winterthur staff forgot to move the sundial one hour ahead. [GRIN!]

The Enchanted Woods are targeted towards children - or the young at heart?

The Story Stones in the Enchanted Woods...

The Reflecting Pool. In its active years Winterthur was known for its Holstein dairy cows. When I approached the Reflecting Pool I heard a "moo" sound two or three times. I thought, there must be some built-in sound system that occasionally makes a mooing sound in tribute to Winterthur's dairy history - but at the Reflecting Pool?? Turns out the mooing came from a bullfrog in the pool! I thought frogs made a "ribbit ribbit" sound? I grew up in Philadelphia, what would I know about frogs?

The Soup Tureens display consists of two rooms to the side of the museum entranceway to the Reflecting Pool. It's actually fascinating for 15-20 minutes - the collection has examples from the 18th Century to the present. The one I photographed includes squirrels in the design.

I visited the museum - the "galleries" in Winterthur parlance - but the lighting was very dim so I didn't attempt to take pictures. (Most museums frown on flash photography.)

Last couple of pictures after leaving the museum, and just before leaving Wintherthur. I shall return.