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Free Cokie part 5 - Hostage

The first pictures of Cokie in captivity were released today. Cokie's father is busy translating what I'm assuming are the demands of her captors. The following is the Email Terri sent me - she also included pictures of Konan (Cokie's father).

Hi Mark,

Well, the good news is that Cokie appears to be alive and well. The bad news is that she's being held captive by what may be a radical fundamentalist group. Here are some pictures (you might not want to show them to Boris as it might upset him) ... and as you'll see, Cokie's father, Konan, the Big Daddy of CocaCola polar bears is working feverishly to translate the writings that accompanied the photos. Will keep you posted.


Wildcat Command seems to be involved somehow. They are based in Africa, and they've recently deployed to the Sudan to protect Sudanese Africans against Arab militias and U.N. peacekeepers - perhaps there's a link. Best not to speculate, though, until we get better intel.

Strangely enough, when we first got the pictures of Cokie, I thought Boris was going to flip. But Boris just got a hardened look in his eyes and said nothing - almost as if he expected the pictures? It's above my pay grade.

To be continued...