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Free Cokie part 4 - Executive Orders

Cleared by military censors

Hi Terri!

Thank you so much for the pictures of the March, I've posted them plus the article on my site. I did remind Boris that Cokie is smart and scrappy, that she's handling the situation with the courage and wits inherent of her species. He looked at me and said, "I know. That's why I love her." He hasn't been sleeping well, staying up all night coming up with a plan - he collapsed from exhaustion this morning, Snip is polishing the details of the plan. I'm no military expert, but from what I've seen in similar situations in the past, it looks more like a [CENSORED] than anything else. [CENSORED]


Hoping to see you soon...


That was yesterday. Boris and Dancer left for Washington D.C. this morning to consult with President Bush. Meanwhile, our plan (preliminary as it is) is garnering international - allied - support. Two advisors, from Australia and China, have arrived to review the plan Boris developed. A coalition is forming.

The news of the President's Executive Orders arrived this afternoon. Executive Orders 10522-A and -B are to complete and prepare to execute Operation Ursal Fury and/or Operation Ursal Sword, pending results of diplomatic efforts.

I know what Ursal Fury is: that's what we've been working on the past few days. But what the heck is Ursal Sword?? The little I've gleaned from my sources is that Ursal Sword needs legal counsel?! And there's little international support for Ursal Sword except maybe from Russia.

I asked Snip if perhaps the contingencies of Ursal Fury would be considered Ursal Sword, but he said no, all the contingencies of Ursal Fury are part of Ursal Fury.

Boris and Dancer should be coming back tonight.

To be continued...