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Free Cokie part 2 - The Furry Troops

From the journals of Boris Bear

I hope diplomacy will work and we will win Cokie's freedom without any bloodshed. I don't want any of our lot to die - I don't even want any of the other side to die. But there's got to be a Plan B.

As Defense Secretary Rumsfeld has said, we go to war with the army we've got. Isn't that the truth. Here's our team.

Callsign: Dancer
Motto: "Clear skies"
Previous assignments: Aerial transport, North Pole
Assignment: Aerial recon

Callsign: The Beav
Motto: "Timber!"
Previous assignments: Demolition and reconstruction; Tsunami relief
Assignment: Engineering

Motto: "Watch me pull a rabbit out of a hat!"
Previous assignments: Pacific Northwest Command
Assignment: Armored cavalry

Callsign: The Nutjobs
Motto: "Death from the Trees"
Remarks: Nuts about nuts.
Assignment: Logistics and Supply

Callsigns: Buddy and Millennium
Motto: "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"
Remarks: I actually have two polar bears under my command. But Buddy doesn't have killer instinct, and Millennium is a bit of a dandy. Don't ask, don't tell. I'd kick them out of my command under normal circumstances, but these aren't normal circumstances. And I may have a job for them...
Assignment: Psy-Ops

Callsign: Snip
Motto: "Like a Cat"
Remarks: My secret weapon.
Assignment: Special Ops

To be continued...