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Free Cokie!

In an earlier Digressions... article I've mentioned Boris and Cokie. Boris has been a stalwart guard bear for my car over all this time. Terri, however, brought Cokie into her house for other duties - consequently Boris has missed Cokie and was looking forward to a reunion with her.

Terri sent me the bad news in an Email today. (Reprinted here with permission.)

Hi Mark,

Just wanted you and Boris to know that all efforts are in progress to find and free Cokie. Talks are underway with the leader of the group believed to have spirited her away and are keeping her captive. Secret recon missions are in the works to pinpoint her location (but we know better than to rely on intelligence these days!)

In the meantime, a grassroots campaign has sprung up to urge the Nutland government to put pressure and sanctions on anyone known to be involved in the taking of our beloved polar bear. See attached photos.

Hope all is well with you and Boris. Won't be going dancing tonight (I've been recruited to paint signs and pack lunches for the Free Cokie March tomorrow). Hope to talk to you later today. Take care.


Start a petition to Free Cokie!

Terri also sent some pictures of the critters at her end.

Meanwhile, Boris has been quite upset at the turn of events. After notifying the furry troops, he's been busy cleaning my Smith & Wesson 3913NL and planning ... something.

To be continued...