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Shortridge Memorial Park

A while ago Heather Doherty mentioned a park in her area, Shortridge Memorial Park in Lower Merion Township (a suburb of Philadelphia), had black squirrels. Since we only have grey squirrels in New Jersey I've been meaning to visit the park to try to take pictures of black squirrels.

This morning I went, thinking this would be the last time this season I'd have the time to visit while the weather was still relatively warm. Well, it was foggy and cloudy this morning. I got to the park at 0800, and boy was I glad I had a jacket in the car!

I didn't get to see any black squirrels, only grey squirrels. Either this isn't the time of year for (I think) fox squirrels to be in their black phase, or the black squirrels just weren't out this morning. By 1000 no squirrels, grey or otherwise, were out any longer, so I left the park. (I went to a nearby Borders bookstore, visited the Bed Bath and Beyond store nearby, and got a bagel at a bagel shop in the same shopping center.)

The film I used was Kodak High Definition 400. I got one-hour processing, scanned in the negatives and processed the images with Paint Shop Pro 8's "One Step Photo Fix" function. I also reduced the resolution to save disk space and download time - originals are available on request.

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