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Tutti-frutti toothpaste

Years ago we once got a tube of toothpaste at Two Guys (remember Two Guys?? This was back in the 1970's!) with Daffy Duck on the cover. It was a kids' toothpaste, in tutti-frutti flavor, by some no-name brand. It tasted like JuicyFruit® chewing gum. It lasted less than a week!

I never thought there would be a toothpaste like that again. Rich and I have speculated that flavored toothpaste might be a great marketing idea - after all, why must toothpaste always be minty? Each major brand has several variations, but all minty. Why not tutti-frutti, or chocolate, or bacon for that matter?

This past Sunday at the supermarket I found a tube of Colgate® toothpaste with Daffy Duck and other cartoon characters on the cover. It's in Bubble Fruit® flavor!

Looney Tunes toothpaste

Sometimes it's better being a kid.