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Future gifts for Terri: Star Trek TNG DVDs

A reminder to myself:

Last year I gave Terri a DVD player and Star Wars DVDs for Christmas. In the back of my head I thought that once she had a DVD player it would be easier to find birthday and Christmas gifts for her in the future: if I couldn't think of anything else I can always get her DVD movies.

This year for Christmas I got her the Star Trek: The Next Generation (ST:TNG) Season 4 DVD set.

Eventually I'll get her the entire series, one season at a time. Since the best seasons were 3-7 I'll get those seasons for her, then 1 and 2.

And hopefully I'll be able to borrow them occasionally! [GRIN]

Trivia: There have been a couple of Star Trek series. The common abbreviations used to specify each series are:

I don't know what the abbreviation is for Star Trek: Enterprise (Archer, T'Pol) - I assume it's ENT; if not I'll come back later and edit this article.